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Dr. Suffoletta has one of the most outstanding and professional dental practice in Las Vegas. His practice is reputed for his personable approach to treatment, patient education, and tailored treatment plans. Dr. Suffoletta’s commitment to the highest level of quality care is evident from the excellent reviews he receives from patients who leave his office after a successful procedure. Patients who have been visiting his office for oral care have come to entrust him with their family and loved ones.

A good number of adults have a phobia of visiting the dentist partly due to the kind of experiences they’ve encountered in the past. Dr. Suffoletta understands that the experiences that people are exposed to when they visit a dentist have an even greater impact on children.

Good oral care habits must be developed early on to guarantee a lifetime of excellent oral dental care. Children should start seeing a dentist as soon as they develop their first tooth to prevent the following adverse effects of bad oral health:

  • Speech Development: Teeth are not only important for eating but are needed for communication particularly in pronouncing certain words. If a child has cosmetic problems with their teeth, they can develop certain speech problems such as mumbling, lisps, and stuttering.
  • Low Self Esteem: Poor oral health can make a child self-conscious. It can have an impact on their social interactions and social development as they grow.
  • School Attendance: Routine dental care hardly causes absenteeism in school. However, children who experience complications arising from poor dental care are three times more likely to miss classes. Dr. Suffoletta and his team encourages parents to take their children for routine oral care to guarantee their mental, physical and social development.
Child Pediatric Dental Services

Our Focus on your Young Ones

Dr. Suffoletta’s practice is focused on preventive, restorative and aesthetic dentistry. As part of his pediatric dentistry practice in Las Vegas, he and his team places a lot of emphasis on helping parents develop their children’s oral habits early on. Using his gentle, charismatic, and compassionate approach he ensures children feel at ease when undergoing treatment and explains to parents the best oral care methods and ways of making brushing and flossing fun.

As you walk into Dr. Suffoletta’s office in Las Vegas, you’ll be welcomed by his friendly staff made up of dental assistants, hygienists, as well as a financial and insurance coordinator, all with more than a decade practicing dentistry. They will assist you in getting settled in and assist you through the process with your child to guarantee the best experience possible.

Dr. Suffoletta’s practice stays up to date on the latest scientific breakthroughs to ensure pediatric dental procedures are safe, comfortable, and take less time to heal. Thanks to his consistency in providing high-quality care, many parents in Las Vegas have made him their lifetime dentist, who they can entrust with their children’s oral health.

You can call the friendly staff at the helpdesk today at 702-330-4312 or visit our website to schedule an appointment with Dr. Suffoletta.

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Dr. Jeffrey Suffoletta’s mission is to provide his patients with the highest quality, state of the art aesthetic dentistry built upon education, experience and excellence. Accomplishing a comprehensive dental experience is made possible with our new Gallileos 3d cone beam our painless laser procedures and same day dental implants. This allows for optimal comfort while managing our patients aesthetic and functional dental needs.