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Orthodontics procedure educational video

Please take a look at our Orthodontic treatment educational video to learn more. The clear aligner impressions process is briefly explained and how it benefits overall health. By doing so, you will learn insightful information about the process associated with Ortho treatment.

Achieve a Straighter Smile

Traditionally, the teenage years were ideal for exploring teeth straightening options, such as braces. However, dental braces can leave discomfort in some adults, with the thought of clunky metal wires.  The thought of this may lead some adults into believing they have missed an opportunity. Advancements in the Orthodontic treatment process has changed the way mature individuals think about straightening their teeth.

Your #1 Orthodontist in Las Vegas Can Show You How

Clear aligners, via an Orthodontist, is a well-known solution for adult teeth. Unlike some misconceptions, today’s teens and adults visit our dental practice regularly for clear aligner treatment. Thanks to advanced dental technology, clear aligners is a revolutionary type of orthodontic treatment that is nearly invisible. Many of our patients prefer this modern system due its discreet nature and comfortable trays.

Exciting Developments in Orthodontics

Clear aligners are an exciting development in orthodontic dentistry, which continues to increase in popularity. Customized aligners are designed to fit over your natural teeth. As a result, this allows them to gently but firmly move towards a more ideal alignment. Orthodontics can make a significant difference for patients with some of the following conditions.

  • overbite
  • underbite
  • cross-bite
  • crooked teeth
  • overlapping teeth
  • or Gaps

During Your Treatment

About every two weeks of Ortho treatment, you will change your personalized clear aligner for a new one. Even more important, it will be customized with specialized features. Such as the buttons we will explain further below. Periodic replacements cause the teeth to gradually get into a better position. All the while, minimizing any exposure to Orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners are so subtle that unless you make it obvious to your friends, they are unlikely to notice you’re straightening your teeth. It is completely discreet, making it perfect for a professional’s day-to-day life.

Clear Aligners Offer More than Traditional Braces

Say Good Bye to Crooked Teeth & Hello to a Perfectly Beautiful Smile

Crooked teeth and crowded teeth can happen over time due to multiple reasons. Some are tongue thrusting or thumb sucking, thereby shifting the front teeth. Genetics during the natural course of development is another reason. Not doing something about it could cause more harm than good. It could create misaligned jaws, it can damage the gum line, and tooth decay. This can make it hard to brush and floss as well as other health problems. There are Orthodontics treatment options available with or without dental insurance. You could get affordable braces or clear aligners if you want to avoid metal wires.

Say Goodbye to Crooked Teeth & Hello to a Perfectly Beautiful Smile

In a very short amount of time, you can gain the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. It’s never too late to start. With Dr. Suffoletta, a bright smile is just right around the corner. Aside from straight teeth, some of the advantages to clear aligners are included in the following images below.

Dr. Suffoletta is your Top Orthodontic Treatment Dentist

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Easy to Conceal Orthodontic Treatment

Easy to conceal Orthodontics, barely noticeable and aesthetically great.

Functional Aesthetic Dentistry

You can take them out to eat and clean your teeth when needed.

Keep Your Teeth Straight with Clear Aligners

Aligners help your teeth get in better position to stay healthy.

Smile After Orthodontic Treatment in Summerlin

They do not affect your speaking ability or the shape of your face.

Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners

The cost is about the same as traditional braces with metal brackets.

Confidence After Orthodontic Treatment

Post-Recovery, you will begin to feel more confident in social situations.

Post Orthodontic Treatment

While the Ortho clear aligner process may take some time, months to be exact. The discreet nature of Orthodontics and follow-ups makes it much more pleasant for our patients. Even more so, when compared to what would be the alternative.

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Luckily for you, your Orthodontics procedure will be a smooth gradual transition with clear aligners. You’ll have constant oversight by our team and diligent oral care.

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As a child your baby teeth didn't always matter. As an adult, misaligned teeth can cause mouth breathing problems. Let our team help you get the straightest smile in your circles. A straight smile can be accomplished with clear aligners. Orthodontics provides aligners that are nearly invisible in replacement of the conventional methods of using teeth braces.


Frequently Asked Questions: Orthodontics

Some of the common issues that Orthodontic treatment can address are the following:
  1. Overcrowding: When there’s insufficient space in the mouth for teeth to come in or align properly.
  2. Spacing: Gaps between teeth that can be due to missing teeth or teeth that are too small for the available space.
  3. Malocclusions: Improper bites, such as overbites (upper teeth protrude over lower teeth), underbites (lower teeth protrude over upper teeth), and crossbites (upper and lower teeth are misaligned when biting).
  4. Misaligned Midline: The center of the upper and lower teeth don’t align properly.
  5. Open Bites: When the upper and lower teeth don’t meet properly when biting down.
Steps that are typically a part of your Orthodontic Treatment are:
  1. Consultation and Assessment: A thorough examination, including X-rays, photographs, and impressions of the teeth is conducted to assess the patient’s condition and develop a treatment plan.
  2. Treatment Plan: After the assessment, the dentist customizes a treatment plan, outlining the specific appliances and techniques that will be in use.
  3. Appliance Placement: Brackets, wires, and other appliances are placed on the teeth according to the treatment plan.
  4. Adjustments: Regular appointments are set periodically to adjust the appliances, gradually applying pressure to move the teeth into the correct position.
  5. Retention: Once the desired results are achieved, the patient is provided with a retainer to prevent the teeth from shifting back to their original positions.

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