Botox® and JUVÉDERM®

Botox and Juvederm Treatment

Botox® and JUVÉDERM® Right at Our Office

Are you suffering from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain or are looking to enhance your appearance? Dr. Jeffery Suffoletta proudly offers Botox® and Juvederm® treatments to correct cosmetic imperfections and ease pain caused by TMJ disorders (TMD). Specially trained and certified to offer these treatments, you can take advantage of Botox and Juvederm right from your dentist’s office.

Botox Fillers
TMJ Treatment by Dr. Suffoletta

Treatment for TMJ

Botox is becoming an increasingly popular option for easing joint pain surrounding the mouth and jaw. The medication is gently injected into the facial muscles to alleviate soreness and discomfort. If you have been diagnosed with a TMJ disorder, consider the benefits of Botox therapy:

  • Relieves pain and soreness
  • Reduces or eliminates headaches caused by TMD
  • Minimizes the risk of lock jaw
  • Quick, effective treatment
  • Non-surgical
Botox Juvederm Cosmetic Enhancements

Cosmetic Enhancements

Although no one has found the Fountain of Youth yet, many people say that their outcomes from having Botox or Juvederm make them feel much younger. Why? These products smooth out the skin wherever they are injected and the results can be dramatic, even after one visit! Consider the other benefits:

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth
  • Can be performed in conjunction with other dental procedures
  • Safe
  • Quick, effective treatment
  • Non-surgical

Safe, Reliable Injectable Products for Long-Lasting Benefits

The benefits of Botox® and JUVÉDERM® are not merely physical, but also psychological. Patients of Dr. Suffoletta who undergo these types of in-house injections report feeling a sense of improved confidence. This removes the burden many people feel when they look in the mirror and do not like what they see. Dr. Suffoletta has the skills and credentials to administer Botox® and JUVÉDERM® in a comfortable, safe setting with minimal discomfort and virtually no patient downtime needed post-injections.

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