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Laser Frenectomies: Fast, Virtually Painless Treatment for All Ages

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Laser Technology Produces Faster, Easier Frenectomies

For some people, the frenulum between the two front teeth and gums is too short to the point of getting in the way of speaking, eating or aesthetics. Cutting and/or complete removal of this flap of tissue is called a frenectomy, and is a quick, comfortable experience thanks to the use of high-tech lasers. At our office, frenectomies are commonly done and are an uncomplicated process.

Why Oral Frenectomies May Be Necessary

Laser Frenectomy

How Lasers Have Changed Frenectomy Treatments

For past generations, frenectomies requires surgical instruments such as scalpels. Now, we have the advantage of being able to depend upon high tech lasers. Lasers allow us to quickly and efficiently cut through soft tissue with a minimal amount of trauma. Not only is the bleeding lessened, but the healing time is decreased as well. Babies, children and adults who have laser frenectomies see immediate results without requiring more invasive procedures or sutures.

If you have been told that a frenectomy is a good option, or you want to talk to our experience dentist about the procedure, please contact us today.

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