Laser Frenectomy in Summerlin & Las Vegas: Fast, Virtually Painless Treatment

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Laser Technology Produces Faster, Easier Frenectomies

For some people, the frenulum between the two front teeth and gums is too short. As a result, this lack of optimal range of the frenulum can provide difficulties to both children and adults. Moreover, it can diminish or get in the way of speaking properly, eating or aesthetics.

Cutting and/or complete removal of this flap of tissue is called a frenectomy and is a quick, comfortable experience. This of course, is thanks to the use of high-tech lasers. At our office, laser frenectomies are commonly done and are an uncomplicated process using laser dentistry techniques.

How Lasers Have Changed Frenectomy Treatments

For past generations, frenectomies required surgical instruments such as scalpels. As a result, the frenectomy procedure used to be less than pleasurable for the patient. However, since the advent of laser dental tools, the patient doctor experience has changed 180 degrees. So drastic is the change, that now lasers play an essential role in Endodontic procedures.

Now that we have the advantage of being able to depend upon high tech painless lasers. It allow us to quickly and efficiently cut through soft tissue with minimal amount of trauma. Not only is the bleeding lessened, but the healing time is decreased as well. Babies, children and adults who have laser frenectomies see immediate results without requiring more invasive procedures or sutures.

Why Oral Frenectomies May Be Necessary

Pediatric Laser Frenectomy

An infant cannot effectively feed, leading to potential for malnourishment or dehydration.

Laser Frenectomy Helps Gum Recession

Gum recession is beginning above the two front teeth due to the stress caused by inadequate frenulum tissue.

Laser Frenectomy Helps Prevent Potential Crowding

A space may develop between the two front teeth, causing a gap and potential crowding.

Laser Frenectomy Helps Close The Mouth

It is impossible to close the mouth or if breathing is effected by the frenulum.

Laser Frenectomy Helps with Denture Alternatives

Dentures cannot be considered because they fit improperly.

Laser Frenectomy Helps Against Short Frenulum

The frenulum is too short and is causing pain in the lip and gum area.

Post Laser Frenectomy Recovery

In general or for most patients, laser frenectomy is a fairly straight forward procedure. You should not experience any pain during recovery. You will notice some differences and you may need to practice speaking and eating properly to some extent. However, in the end, the procedure and post recovery will present new opportunities and potential.

For many patients, after receiving a frenectomy and once the recovery process is complete, they feel a new sense of confidence and accomplishment.

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Your comfort and dental health are our top priority and mission. Laser Frenectomy Las Vegas is a procedure that treats the dental issues associated with a frenectomy. It allows you to get the painless dental care you search for with comprehensive dental technology that focuses on a positive dental outcome. Call us at 702-671-0001.


Laser Frenectomy in Summerlin & Las Vegas

Does your child have an inborn lip or tongue tie? Recent studies in sleep medicine, orthodontics, and oral myofunctional therapy suggest that untreated tongue and lip tie disorders can contribute to a number of growth or developmental and health difficulties, including inadequate nutrition in newborns, breastfeeding difficulties, eating difficulties in young children, digestive issues, and many more.

A child with lip or tongue tie symptoms can benefit from a pediatric laser tongue tie or lip tie treatment, which is also termed a frenectomy procedure. At Functional Aesthetic Dentistry, we provide the most effective and safest laser frenectomy in Las Vegas and Summerlin, trusted by pediatricians, lactation specialists, and parents.

People travel from faraway places for our safe and efficient frenulum cut laser operations because we are the most skilled pediatric laser frenectomy dentists in Las Vegas Valley. It doesn’t matter if the baby has a lip tie or a tongue tie that needs to be treated; we ensure the best results.

Our dental clinic has invested in advanced soft tissue dentistry equipment in addition to having caring pediatric dentists with years of experience using laser frenectomy for upper lip tie and tongue tie release. Our convenient location near the border of Las Vegas and Summerlin provides our patients with ease of travel for their laser frenectomy treatment.

The Frenectomy Procedure & Explanation

The surgical removal of one or both frena from the mouth is known as a frenulectomy or frenectomy. The term frena or frenum refers to the connective tissue membranes in the mouth that link one surface to another.

A tongue tie is a condition where the tongue cannot move freely because the tissue band (frenulum) connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth is excessively short, tight, or thick. Similar symptoms include lip ties, which affect the tissue band that joins the top lip to the gum. Lip tie and tongue tie may occur together, and since they restrict the tongue and/or lip, they usually become noticeable when a baby has trouble feeding.

The frenum sometimes performs its function perfectly, but it can be either too short, too tight, or too tough. The restricted movement makes it difficult to do daily activities like talking and eating, or it results in gaps in the smile, diminishing aesthetics. At Functional Aesthetic Dentistry, the frenum is easily severed and often removed during the laser frenectomy procedure by our expert dentists to allow for increased movement. It is a low-risk, outpatient surgery that typically resolves the issue the first time.

Gone are the days when the tongue and lip ties were treated by surgically removing the tissue with the help of a scalpel. A soft-tissue laser is now used to perform a laser frenectomy at our dental practice at Functional Aesthetic Dentistry. This involves laser excision of the frenulum. This process doesn’t involve cutting. Instead, the procedure is more like the vaporization of tissue, which also uses energy from light. Which helps minimize or eliminate pain or discomfort.

Due to the minimal discomfort caused by the laser, the procedure is a pain-free experience for your child. Additionally, because there is little bleeding after a frenectomy, parents usually appreciate the technique. Moreover, lasers have a low risk of spreading infection and can sterilize immediately upon contact, hastening the healing process.

The cutting-edge laser frenectomy provided in Summerlin and Las Vegas by our practice allows us to rapidly and effectively cut through soft tissue with little trauma. In addition to lessening the bleeding, this also expedites the healing process. Laser frenectomies performed at Functional Aesthetic Dentistry produce effective and fast results for infants, kids, and adults without the need for additional invasive surgeries or sutures.

The Advantages of Laser Frenectomy

A laser frenectomy by Dr. Suffoletta can immensely benefit your child’s health, including improved breastfeeding, while eliminating dental issues linked to lip and tongue ties. In addition to these, reducing breast discomfort during nursing, allowing sufficient stimulation to increase the production of milk, decreasing discouragement and promoting a healthy mother-baby bond, are added benefits.

Future dental issues can be prevented with laser surgery for tongue and lip ties. The gap between your child’s upper two front teeth can be increased by a wide frenulum connecting the upper lip (maxillary midline diastema).

Some lip ties can cause residual milk to pool under a baby’s lip, which can result in deterioration of the baby’s recently erupted teeth. Tongue or lip ties that are joined to the gums too closely risk pulling the gums away from the teeth. This gum tissue can lead to dental health problems and, in extreme cases, tooth loss. A tongue or lip tie can affect palatal development as well.

These potential dental issues that can arise due to tongue tie or lip tie. This can be prevented via laser frenectomy with Dr. Suffoletta with the help of highly qualified dentists at Functional Aesthetic Dentistry. This laser surgery is additionally helpful in overcoming speech difficulties related to tongue or lip ties.

What to Expect After Laser Frenectomy?

Laser surgery for lip and tongue ties is a quick, painless, and easy operation. After the procedure, your baby can nurse as soon as he or she wants to, although it might take up to 45 minutes for any numbing medicine to wear off. Most newborns exhibit an instant improvement in breastfeeding. However, you shouldn’t be surprised if your baby is hesitant on the first day as they learn a new nursing technique.

Since the mouth heals quite quickly, postoperative stretching will help to prevent the frenulum from being reattached. To help your child recover quickly from tongue tie or lip tie, the laser frenectomy services that Dr. Suffoletta provides in Summerlin is essential. Your pediatric dentist will give you age-appropriate stretching exercises. Simple postoperative stretches that can be included in a play session are provided. Early intervention is crucial in cases of nursing challenges.

If your child has a tongue tie or lip tie and wants to make an appointment for a pediatric dental consultation with a dentist at Functional Aesthetic Dentistry, please contact us or use our online appointment request form.