Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced Dental Technology

Advances in Dental Technology Give Tremendous Results

Every day, we utilize many types of dental technologies at our office. These incredible advances keep patients satisfied because they spend less time in appointments, get reliable outcomes, have more options, feel less discomfort and enjoy faster healing times.

3D Dental Imaging Technology
  • GALILEOS® cone beam. The cone beam allows us to get a more in-depth look at the mouth, making it a strong tool for discovery.
  • CEREC®. Why wait for dental crowns? Our CEREC machine makes high-quality dental crowns in about an hour, customized to patient specifications without temporaries.
  • Digital x-rays. Digital x-rays provide us with detailed images of your mouth structures. They take less time and use less radiation than traditional dental x-rays.
Advanced Dental Technology
  • 3D guided implant surgery. Each dental implants surgery is an opportunity for us to use 3D guided imagery to ensure more accurate placement for improved success.
  • Laser tooth fillings (especially for children.) Kids and adults alike appreciate having lasers, not drills, when they need fillings.
  • Laser procedures. From frenectomies to crown lengthening, our practice utilizes lasers on a regular basis. This improves our service and your results!

Explore the Benefits of Our Dental Technology

Our office is proud to offer the latest in dental technology, so you can enjoy minimally-invasive treatments and quality results. Get all the advantages that come with leading-edge equipment, procedures and solutions. Our philosophy is that if it is the latest clinical and technological advancement, we want to bring it to you.

Dr. Suffoletta At The Practice With Patients

Trust a Dentist With a Philosophy of Advancement

From the time Dr. Jeffrey Suffoletta began practicing dentistry, he held to the belief that it was critical to stay up-to-date on technology. Today, he brings his expertise and vision to every patient experience, offering incredible value and comfort thanks to his focus on high-tech options.

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Dr. Jeffrey Suffoletta’s mission is to provide his patients with the highest quality, state of the art dentistry built upon education, experience and excellence. Accomplishing a comprehensive dental experience is made possible with our new Gallileos 3d cone beam our painless laser procedures and same day dental implants.


Advanced Dental Technology

Put advanced dental technology to use for you and your family with a team of dental professionals who are dedicated to bringing you the best level of service and comfort.