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Root Canals

Stop Tooth Pain and Complications With a Comfortable Root Canal

A painful tooth is an indication that something is wrong, and that an infection could be wreaking havoc in your mouth. One of the most routine solutions to many tooth pain issues is a root canal. Without treatment, you are risking loosing your tooth and spreading the infection to other areas throughout your body. Our goal is to save your natural tooth while giving you leading-edge, comfortable and virtually pain-free endodontic treatment.

How a Root Canal is Performed

Root canals are standard procedures that take place under the best type of anesthetic for your needs. Dr. Suffoletta will gently drill into the biting surface of the tooth to gain access to infected areas underneath. He will then clean out the inside of the tooth, removing the infected, diseased pulp and nerves. Next, he will fill the tooth with a rubber-like material that seals the canal to prevent reinfection. If you need a dental crown, Dr. Suffoletta can make a custom, permanent crown the same day using in-house CEREC technology.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Root Canal Pain Is a Myth

We have all heard that root canals are painful, but this is a myth. Today, high-tech practitioners of dentistry such as Dr. Suffoletta use equipment and techniques that make the process easier, safer and more comfortable than ever before. The only thing that hurts is your tooth before the root canal. In addition to root canals, Dr. Suffoletta frequently applies his endodontics experience to a variety of procedures, including endodontic treatment, surgery, cracked tooth treatment and dental trauma treatment.

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