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Dr. Jeffrey Suffoletta has been a lifelong proponent of bringing technology into dentistry, which is why he proudly offers minimally invasive laser dental treatments. He and the team are specially qualified to offer Waterlase® iPlus 2.0™ laser treatments. Our Laser Dentist Summerlin uses a state-of-the-art tool that gives you safe, reliable and comfortable dental results. Laser Dentist Summerlin allows a patient who fears the dental office to gain a new experience and outlook on life. Discover a new way of dentistry with lasers!

Please allow some time to review the video above. Lasers can help in many procedures. This is just one of the very important ones. Then call & ask if we can use it on your dental needs at 702-671-0001.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dental is performed with an instrument that generates a very focused and narrow beam of light energy. The goal is to reshape or remove the oral tissue when the laser reacts with oral tissue on contact. Compared to other tools such as drills, focused lasers are amplified by stimulated emissions of radiation. This allows Dr. Suffoletta and his team to treat a variety of oral complications such as hypersensitivity, tooth decay, teeth whitening and gum disease to name a few.

Laser dentistry treatment has been approved by the FDA and has been approved for commercial use since 1989. Laser dental can be used for both soft and hard tissue. Soft tissue such as, gummy smile, crown lengthening, tongue frenulum attachment and removing soft tissue folds. In hard tissue, procedures may include, tooth sensitivity, dental filings and tooth preparation as well as cavity protection. It is also safe for children.

So Many Uses for the Waterlase® iPlus 2.0™

Dr. Suffoletta uses lasers for numerous types of common dental treatments.

Laser Dentist Summerlin

This is also called periodontal disease (gum disease) treatment. Lasers clean, sanitize and seal off areas where bacteria hides and breeds, leaving your mouth cleaner and healthier. The Waterlase iPlus 2.0 is the ideal way to manage gum disease at any stage. From gum recession to rotting gum tissue to periodontitis. It is also ideal for drug addiction treatment. This helps avoid further tooth loss and halitosis. It increases the odds of successful rehabilitation when painless laser treatments are used towards gum disease treatment.

Peri-Implantitis Treatment

When the soft tissues around dental implants get inflamed, the condition is known as peri-implantitis. This procedure tends to be a less invasive treatment and is considered more effective than it’s counterpart treatment methods. Laser treatment assist our team in maintaining the health of your gums and reduce the likelihood of future dental implant surgeries or failures.

Oral Growth Removal

Benign oral growths used to be harder to remove, taking more time than many patients wanted to spend. With laser technology, we can comfortably and conveniently remove growths. In some cases, you may be put to sleep and other cases, you may not need anesthetics. For safety purposes, if the area being removed is precancerous or cancerous, additional healthy tissue surrounding the area may also be removed to prevent future growth.

Cold Sore Laser Treatment

Have you ever had a cold sore? This cold sore treatment method is much easier and more dependable with lasers. Cold sore laser treatment is a great way to get rid of unsightly sores with no discomfort while helping speed up the time it takes to heal.

If you’re bothered by unsightly small blisters, laser treatment options is a great tool for the herpes simplex virus. The process is fast and can be done the same day you call and visit.

Crown Lengthening

Patients with “gummy” smiles appreciate how effectively they can change the look and function of their mouth thanks to laser dentistry. Laser therapy treatments allows the dentist to reduce the gummy smile. It helps expose a little more of the tooth and prevent future oral problems associated with gummy teeth.


Laser frenectomy focuses on removal of the frenulum. This oral complication can cause a multiple of problems including speech impediment. With proper laser surgery on the frenulum, a dentist can painlessly help a child on their way to speaking more clearly. A faster, gentler frenectomy is just an appointment away.

Tooth Fillings

Pediatric and adult patients enjoy having comfortable tooth filling experiences, and laser dentistry technology makes it simpler to have exceptional outcomes. Lasers are known for getting into areas of the root of the tooth that conventional methods could miss. It’s also one of the dental procedures that can easily remove bacteria from the root with a focused and intense beam of light.

Laser Dentistry Tools for Procedures

Stop Putting off Dental Treatments! Lasers Make Dentistry Easier.

With Laser Dentist Summerlin, your dental treatment shouldn’t cause excessive pain. Avoid long recovery times that require you to spend too much time at the dentist. Root surfaces during an Endodontic root canal are much easier to fix and faster to heal with lasers. Well-rounded dental care should be at the top of your priorities.

Lasers can also take away the anxiety thanks to these advantages:

  • Less bleeding of the gums
  • Nearly pain-free treatments
  • Laser dentistry provides faster healing
  • Don’t need to see a drill or scalpel
  • Can return to a normal routine quickly

Laser Dentist Summerlin

Many infants are born with lip and tongue ties every year, which makes life very difficult for both the infants and their parents, especially breastfeeding mothers. If not treated early, many problems can arise when the affected child reaches his or her adolescence and adulthood. Fortunately, at Functional Aesthetic Dentistry, our qualified laser dentists in Summerlin are skilled at quickly identifying and treating these problems while putting the patient’s comfort first.

A child with lip or tongue tie symptoms can benefit from a pediatric laser tongue tie or lip tie treatment, which is also termed a frenectomy procedure. At Functional Aesthetic Dentistry, we provide the most effective and safest laser frenectomy with the help of experienced laser dentist in Summerlin, trusted by pediatricians, lactation specialists, and parents.

People travel from faraway places for our safe and efficient frenulum cut laser operations because we are the most skilled laser dentists in Summerlin. It doesn’t matter if the baby has a lip tie or a tongue tie that needs to be treated; we ensure the best results.

Our pediatric dental clinic has invested in advanced soft tissue dentistry equipment in addition to having caring laser dentists in Summerlin with years of experience using laser frenectomy or upper lip tie and tongue tie release.

Lip and Tongue Ties: Their Symptoms

The tissue that joins the upper lip to the upper gums is known as a lip tie (labial tie). This tissue can sometimes be both too tight and too thick. This can result in lip mobility problems.

A lip tie (upper lip tie) is associated with breastfeeding and is mostly found in newborns and infants. Lip ties can be determined by difficulties latching while breastfeeding, gassy or colicky babies, newborn fatigue soon after starting to nurse, poor weight gain, and other symptoms. In addition, the tight upper lip may trap milk, whether breastfed or bottle-fed, causing the milk to constantly come into contact with the front of the teeth. This could lead to dental decay.

A tongue tie, also termed as Ankylglossia, occurs when the frenulum that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth is too short, which limits the tongue’s range of motion.

The tongue appearing notched, heart-shaped, or having trouble extending over the lower front teeth is the symptom of a tongue tie. Another sign to look for is trouble moving the tongue from side to side or raising it to the upper teeth. The majority of tongue ties in newborns and infants are related to nursing challenges. Toddlers may struggle with swallowing, speaking, eating, and oral hygiene. Since not all tongue ties result in issues for youths, they can also exist in adults.

The Frenectomy Procedure

A frenulectomy or frenectomy is the surgical removal of one or both frena from the mouth. Frena or frenum refers to the connective tissue membranes in the mouth that join one surface to another.

Sometimes the frenum is either too short, too tight, or too tough, but it does its function well. Its limited movement makes it challenging to do daily tasks like talking and eating, or it causes gaps in the smile, which diminishes aesthetics. The frenum is easily severed and also removed by skilled laser dentist in Summerlin at Functional Aesthetic Dentistry during a laser frenectomy to enable better movement. A low-risk, outpatient surgery, it usually fixes the problem the first time.

Earlier, the tongue and lip ties were treated by surgically removing the tissue with the help of a scalpel. A soft-tissue laser is now used to perform a laser frenectomy in Functional Aesthetic Dentistry, which involves laser excision of the frenulum. This process doesn’t involve cutting. Instead, the procedure is more like the vaporization of tissue, which also uses energy from light.

Due to the minimal discomfort caused by the laser, the procedure is a pain-free experience for your child. Additionally, because there is little bleeding after a laser lip or tongue tie release surgery, parents usually appreciate the technique. Additionally, lasers have a low risk of spreading infection and can sterilize immediately upon contact, hastening the healing process.

The cutting-edge laser frenectomy allows a laser dentist in Summerlin to rapidly and effectively cut through soft tissue with little trauma. In addition to lessening the bleeding, this also expedites the healing process. Laser frenectomies performed by a laser dentist in Summerlin at Functional Aesthetic Dentistry produce effective and fast results for infants, kids, and adults without the need for additional invasive surgeries or sutures.

Why Choose Laser Frenectomy?

A laser frenectomy can have a significant positive impact on your child’s health, including better breastfeeding success and the removal of dental issues linked to lip and tongue ties. In addition to these, reducing breast discomfort during nursing, allowing sufficient stimulation to increase the production of milk, decreasing discouragement and promoting a healthy mother-baby bond, reducing the risk of breast infections, and reducing the frequency of nursing so your infant can be content with each feeding, and relieving reflux, gassiness, and colic are amongst the many advantages of a laser frenectomy.

Future dental issues can be prevented with laser surgery for tongue and lip ties by a laser dentist in Summerlin at Functional Aesthetic Dentistry. The gap between your child’s upper two front teeth can be increased by a wide frenulum connecting the upper lip (maxillary midline diastoma).

Some lip ties can cause residual milk to pool under a baby’s lip, which can result in deterioration of the baby’s recently erupted teeth. Tongue or lip ties that are joined to the gums too closely risk pulling the gums away from the teeth. This gum tissue can lead to dental health problems and, in extreme cases, tooth loss. A tongue or lip tie can affect palatal development as well.

These potential dental issues that can arise due to tongue tie or lip tie can be prevented via a laser frenectomy procedure with the help of laser dentists in Summerlin at Functional Aesthetic Dentistry. This laser surgery is additionally helpful in overcoming speech difficulties related to tongue or lip ties.

To learn more about laser frenectomy or to schedule a consultation with our qualified and experienced laser dentist in Summerlin, contact us today or book an appointment online.

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