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Laser Dentistry

Dental Lasers Offer Unique Safety, Convenience and Results

Dr. Jeffrey Suffoletta has been a lifelong proponent of bringing technology into dentistry, which is why he proudly offers minimally invasive laser treatments. He and the team are specially qualified to offer Waterlase® iPlus 2.0™ laser treatments. Waterlase® is a state-of-the-art tool that gives you safe, reliable and comfortable dental results. Discover a new way of dentistry with lasers!

What's Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is performed with an instrument that generates a very focused and narrow beam of light energy. The goal is to either reshape or remove the oral tissue when the laser light reacts with oral tissue on contact. Compared to other tools such as drills, lasers lights are amplified by stimulated emissions of radiation. This allows Dr. Suffoletta and his team to treat a variety of oral complications such as hypersensitivity, tooth decay, teeth whitening and gum disease to name a few.

Laser treatment has been approved by the FDA and has been approved for commercial use since 1989. Laser dentistry can be used for both soft and hard tissue. Soft tissue such as, gummy smile, crown lengthening, tongue frenulum attachment and removing soft tissue folds. In hard tissue, procedures may include, tooth sensitivity, dental filings and tooth preparation as well as cavity protection.

So Many Uses for the Waterlase® iPlus 2.0™

Dr. Suffoletta uses lasers for numerous types of common dental treatments.

Laser Gum Treatment

This is also called periodontal disease (gum disease) treatment. Lasers clean, sanitize and seal off areas where bacteria hide and breed, leaving your mouth cleaner and healthier. The Waterlase iPlus 2.0 is the ideal way to manage gum disease at any stage.

Peri-Implantitis Treatment

When the soft tissues around dental implants get inflamed, the condition is known as peri-implantitis. Lasers assist our team in maintaining the health of your gums and reduce the likelihood of future dental implant surgeries or failures.

Oral Growth Removal

Benign oral growths used to be harder to remove, taking more time than many patients wanted to spend. With laser technology, we can comfortably and conveniently remove growths.

Cold Sores

Have you ever had a cold sore? Treatment is much easier and more dependable with lasers.

Crown Lengthening

Patients with “gummy” smiles appreciate how effectively they can change the look and function of their mouth thanks to laser dentistry.


A faster, gentler frenectomy is just an appointment away.

Tooth Fillings

Pediatric and adult patients enjoy having comfortable tooth filling experiences, and laser technology makes it simpler to have exceptional outcomes.

Laser Dental Treatment by Dr. Suffoletta

Stop Putting off Dental Treatments! Lasers Make Dentistry Easier.

With lasers, your dental treatment won’t cause excessive pain. Avoid long recovery times that require you to spend too much time at the dentist?

Lasers take away the anxiety thanks to these advantages:

  • Less bleeding
  • Nearly pain-free treatments
  • Faster healing
  • Don’t need to see a drill or scalpel
  • Can return to a normal routine quickly

Laser Dentistry

Whether you have eroding gum disease, need a crown lengthening, tooth filing or
anything in between, learn how laser dentistry can benefit you and your family!