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Orthodontics Clear Aligners over Braces
Orthodontics procedure video

Please take a look at our educational video above to learn more. The clear aligner impressions process is briefly explained and how it benefits overall health. It’s a very short video with insightful information.

Achieve a Straighter Smile

Your #1 Orthodontist in Las Vegas Can Show You How

Traditionally, the teenage years were ideal for exploring teeth straightening options, like braces. However, teeth braces left many adults uncomfortable with the thought of metal wires.  This can lead adults to believe they have missed their opportunity. Clear aligners through an orthodontics treatment is a well known solution. Today, teens and adults visit us regularly for treatment with clear aligners. It’s a revolutionary type of orthodontics treatment that is nearly invisible. Many of our patients prefer this modern system due its discreet nature and comfortable trays.

Exciting Developments in Orthodontics Are Happening Now

Clear aligners are an exciting development in orthodontics dentistry and is increasing in popularity. Customized aligners are designed to fit over your natural teeth. They gently but firmly, move them towards a more ideal alignment. Whether you have an overbite, underbite, cross-bite, crooked teeth, overlapping teeth or gaps, orthodontics can make a significant difference.

About every two weeks, you will change your personalized clear aligner for a new one. This causes the teeth to gradually get into a better position. Yet, no one will know you have orthodontics. Clear aligners are so subtle that unless you tell your friends, they are unlikely to notice you’re straightening your teeth. It is completely discreet, making it perfect for professionals.

Clear Aligners Offer More than Traditional Braces

Say Good Bye to Crooked Teeth & Hello to a Perfectly Beautiful Smile

Crooked or crowded teeth can happen over time due to multiple reasons. Some are tongue thrusting or thumb sucking thereby shifting the front teeth. Genetics during the natural course of development is another reason. Not doing something about it could cause more harm than good. It could create misaligned jaws, damage the gum line and tooth decay. This can make it hard to brush and floss as well as other health problems. There are treatment options available with or without dental insurance. You could get affordable braces or clear aligners if you want to avoid the metal wires.

In a very short amount of time you can gain the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. It’s never too late to start. With Dr. Suffoletta, a bright smile is just right around the corner. Aside from straight teeth, some of the advantages to clear aligners include the following.

Easy to Conceal Orthodontist Treatment

They are easy to conceal, barely noticeable and aesthetically great.

Remove Braces to Clean Your Teeth

You can take them out to eat and clean your teeth when needed.

Orthodontics Materials, Clear aligners

Aligners help your teeth get in better position to stay healthy.

Orthodontics doesn't change your face or smile

They do not affect your speaking ability or the shape of your face.

Paying for an Orthodontist

The cost is about the same as traditional braces with metal brackets.

After the Orthodontics Treatment

You will begin to feel more confident in social situations.

Dr. Suffoletta is your #1 Las Vegas Clear Aligner Dentist

We Provide Orthodontics to the Las Vegas & Summerlin Areas

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Ran Maron
Ran Maron
18:32 31 Oct 19
Dr. Jeffrey Suffoletta and his office staff are wonderful. They are professional and honest and kind. I would highly... recommend them to anyone looking for the best dentist in Las Vegas. Their office is using the newest technology and it makes the visit to the dentist so much more comfortable .read more
Brenda Dunton
Brenda Dunton
20:37 25 Oct 19
I have been going to Dr. Suffoletta for around eight years now. I have never found a friendlier caring dentist and the... staff there are so caring and excellent. I love my dentist and his team!!!!read more
05:10 18 Oct 19
We have found the perfect Dentist office, the entire staff is amazing, the atmosphere feels like home and the Dr. is... AWESOME!!read more
Maria Laroya
Maria Laroya
21:16 23 Sep 19
If you're looking for a dentist and dental team that provides exceptional and friendly service I highly recommend Dr.... Suffoletta & Karah (dental hygienist)! First, I'll tell you about his front office staff who are professional, welcoming and kind. From scheduling, explaining insurance benefits, and coming into the office they are very friendly and knowledgeable in handling everything. It is nice to speak with Joanne and Nicky because they are diligent in finding answers to any questions that I have, and they really take the time with their explanations. When you enter their office for your appointment the staff has always been very welcoming to my family and me. I love that they offer something to drink when I arrive. My dental hygienist, Karah, is absolutely caring, gentle, and always provides the best education when it comes to dental health. I really look forward to my cleaning visits with her. She is a master of her craft, but is so gentle at the same time. I had one bad experience years ago with a hygienist at another practice, and after that horrible experience this is why I felt like I struck gold when I met Karah. I have been her patient ever since! Karah is one of the reasons why I have become more diligent about my dental health. She gives great education, support, and encouragement, which I feel is essential in remembering to maintain healthy dental habits at home & until your next visit. Dr. Suffoletta is a great dentist, and I say this based on his professionalism, his positive attitude, and caring demeanor when you meet him. I could tell that he tries to get to know his patients by the way he spoke with me and my daughter, and asked about our family & our hobbies. It’s nice to have a dentist who is interested in your life beyond your teeth & gums! I was suffering from sensitivity in my gums; specifically in one area where I had a filling by another dentist at a completely different practice. The sensitivity that I was experiencing prior to meeting Dr. Suffoletta was so unbearable that drinking and eating foods was not enjoyable. Even breathing or laughing was unbearable because once air touched my gums I could feel the pain from the sensitivity! The other dentist said that there wasn’t anything he could do. I was so disgusted that it seemed like he didn’t care, and that I would have to live with this sensitivity for the rest of my life!! Dr. Suffoletta re-did the filling, and he explained everything that he was doing, and based on the x-rays explained what was causing my sensitivity. He also provided great education to maintain healthy gums and teeth. Ever since Dr. Suffoletta treated me I have not had any sensitivity or issues with my gums or teeth!! For that, I am truly grateful!read more
Kathy Burke
Kathy Burke
02:21 01 Feb 19
I work in the medical field and the first thing I look at is the cleanliness of the space, it’s impeccable! The... staff anticipates your arrival, greets you by name, keeps you informed of next step in the process. It’s easy to be in an office for a lengthy amount of time when you know exactly what you’re waiting for and next steps in the process. The entire staff is super friendly and every time they come near you they introduce themselves.read more
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As a child your baby teeth didn't always matter. As an adult, misaligned teeth can cause mouth breathing problems. Let our team help you get the straightest smile in your circles. A straight smile can be accomplished with clear aligners. Orthodontics provides aligners that are nearly invisible in replacement of the conventional methods of using teeth braces.


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