Orthodontics Clear Aligners over Braces
Exciting Clear Aligner Replacement

You Can Achieve a Straighter Smile

Traditionally, the teenage years were ideal for exploring teeth straightening options like braces. This left many adults uncomfortable with the thought of metal braces, leading them to believe they had missed their opportunity. Today, teens and adults visit us regularly for clear aligners, a revolutionary type of orthodontics treatment that is nearly invisible. Many of our patients prefer this modern system due its discreet nature and comfortable trays.

Exciting Developments in Orthodontics Are Happening Now

Clear aligners are an exciting development in dentistry, and are increasing in popularity. Customized clear aligners are designed to snugly fit over your natural teeth and gently, but firmly, move them toward more ideal alignment. Whether you have an overbite, underbite, cross-bite, crooked teeth, overlapping teeth or gaps, clear aligners can make a significant difference.

About every two weeks, you will change your personalized clear aligner for a new one, causing the teeth to gradually get into better position. Yet no one will know you have orthodontics! The clear aligners are so subtle that unless you tell people, they are unlikely to notice you are straightening your teeth. It is completely discreet, making it perfect for professionals.

Clear Aligners Offer More than Traditional Braces

Some of the advantages to clear aligners include:

Clear and Barely Noticable

They are easy to conceal barely noticeable and aesthetically great

Remove them to Clean Teeth and Eat

You can take them out to eat and clean your teeth when needed

Helps Keep Teeth Healthier

They help get your teeth in better position to stay healthy

Helps with your speech abilities

They do not affect your speaking ability or the shape of your face

Cost same as traditional braces

They cost about the same as traditional braces with metal brackets

Feel More Confident with Friends

They make you feel more self-confident in social situations

Make The Change!

It is time to make a change for the better and correct your crooked or misaligned teeth!