Waterlase Dentistry Provides Gentle and Fast Service to Patients

Waterlase dentistry was approved by the FDA and in use since 1989.

Dentists who preform Waterlase Laser Dentistry utilize lasers and water to perform dental work. This accomplishes essential task without the use of vibration, heat or pressure that’s routine when using dental drills. This method provides a comfortable experience for the patient and reduces the need for anesthetic. In some cases, Waterlase dentistry is performed without anesthetic, depending on the procedure.

Allows Dentist to Treat Patients’ Problems with Amazing Detail

Precise dental work has been challenging in the past with the use of heavy dental tools and drills. Waterlase allows dentists to operate on patients with more precision.

Dentists are now able to target small problem areas within a person’s tooth. This allows the dentist to save parts of the tooth that are healthy, this eliminates the need for implants, bridges and dentures. This also saves the patient money in the long run and eliminates unnecessary discomfort during their dental visit.

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Less Painful for the Patient

Waterlase reduces swelling and bleeding thanks to cutting edge technology. This procedure provides a gentle experience when cutting into the patient’s teeth and gums compared with drills and metal tools.

The technology that makes Waterlase gentle is the combination of its use of air, water and laser energy. Teeth are partly comprised of water. The water molecules of your tooth are stimulated with the laser, allowing the molecules to cut through your tooth on contact. The laser continues to spray out water, keeping the tooth adequately hydrated, this prevents overheating which makes for a painful free procedure.

Once the dentist has performed your procedure with Waterlase you can return to business as usual. There is very little to virtually no recovery time needed.

Waterlase Can Treat the Following

  • Remove tissues in the mouth that have overgrown
  • Treat infections present in root canals
  • Speed up teeth whitening services
  • Reshape and eliminate bone and gums tissues during crown lengthening
  • Expose wisdom teeth that have partially erupted
  • Helps treat gum disease
  • Removes gum tissues that have become inflamed
  • Install tooth fillings

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Waterlase dentistry is just one of the many ways the team at Dr. Suffoletta's dental office provides painless and little to no discomfort dental services to all our patients. If you're looking for premier dental services, with reasonable price and extra attention to your level of comfort, call us today and set an appointment for a consultation 702-671-0001.


Decreases the Risk of Cross Contamination

As careful as physicians and their staff strive to be, there is always a chance of cross contamination. With hundreds of patients coming in and out of a dental practice, the possibility of coming across bacteria is a real risk.

The use of Waterlase Dentistry lessens this risk because the laser does not come in contact with the tooth. The qualified and trained dentist professional can perform your procedure with disposable tips that are for single use only. This gives you the peace of mind that you’re not coming in contact with tools that may have been in someone else’s mouth.

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Waterlase Can Improve your Smile

Patients who suffer from a gummy smile can benefit from this procedure. Waterlase can remove the excess gums, that are responsible for a patient’s smile appearing unsightly. It can also remove oral growths. Patients who suffer from a “tongue tie” a condition that negatively effects speaking and eating can also be successfully treated with Waterlase.

Treating Periodontal Disease

Waterlase can treat periodontal disease by removing the bacteria and debris that is festering between the patient’s gums and teeth.

Cold Sore Treatment

Anyone who has dealt with the pain of fever blisters and cold sores can also seek the assistance of Waterlase when going through an episode or outbreak.

Faster Service

Both the patient and dentist save time with the use of Waterlase Dentistry. With the use of this technology, procedures that use to take multiple trips to the dentist can be completed in just one visit.

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Dr. Suffoletta 4.9 Star Review
Summerlin Dentist, Las Vegas Dentist

Find a Dentist Who Stays Current with the Latest Dental Technology

Dr. Suffoletta is one of the few dentists in Las Vegas who performs Waterlase Dentistry. This comes as no surprise to his patients and his team. He has been a lifelong advocate of providing the latest technology to his patients.

Dr. Suffoletta and his team are qualified and trained to offer patients Waterlase iPlus 2.0 laser treatments to the greater Las Vegas Community. Contact Dr. Suffoletta’s office today to receive reliable, safe and comfortable dental care. Call Functional Aesthetic Dentistry today at 702-671-0001