Laser Dentistry in Endodontic Treatments, Is it Safe for You?

Laser Dentistry in Endodontic Treatments, Is it Safe for You?

Laser dentistry has proven to be a successful method for many dental issues as a viable treatment option. As dental professionals continue to endeavor into this field of study and application, patients will be better served. As a dental professional, the Academy of Laser Dentistry is providing workshops that highlight the present and future of laser dentistry. As a patient, the technologies and treatments associated with lasers will further help reduce pain and discomfort while increasing the effectiveness of your treatment.

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How will the future of dentistry look as lasers are further introduced into the Endodontic protocols?

In order to increase its use and viability for all patients in an array of dental procedures. A better understanding must be acquired in both the limitations as well as the advantages of laser dental treatment in context with Endodontic protocols. The integration of laser dentistry into complex Endodontic procedures will require principals that are not yet standardized but are well on their way.

Endodontic treatments with laser assisted methods is a continued growth and is quickly emerging as one of the best and most successful methods for both the present and the future.

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What is Endodontics?

In order to get straight to a visual point, we all know what a root canal is correct? Endodontics is the professional area of dentistry that is laser focused on the root of a tooth. Both for the soft and hard tissues as well as the dental pulp. When you get a root canal, the pulp is essentially removed in order to reduce the tooth ache attributed to the infected area of the pulp. Endodontic treatment is also known as root canal treatment.

In Laser assisted Endodontic treatment, laser dentistry methods are useful to treating the infected area and to remove harmful bacteria during the procedure. First, access must be made to the area that contains the pulp. This is usually where the nerves are located and is what causes constant pain and discomfort. Once the pulp is removed, all associated nerves in this area are also removed, causing the pain and discomfort to subside.

After the segment of the process is completed, the lasers are then used to treat the infected area and to cauterize it. This helps to prevent further infection during the healing process, aides in better recovery and effectively gets rid of some conventional methods previously used. Event better, WaterLase dental lasers not just good for cleaning and disinfection of the root canal. They are also good for reshaping the root canal so that the dentist can get the desired affect for their treatment.

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Progressions of Decay in Endodontics

Another point to make is that Endodontics is related to the progression of tooth decay. For dental history enthusiast, tooth decay in the United States has been greatly diminished due to the introduction of fluoride in the clean water drinking system. This topic has some issues and arguments of its own, which currently are out of the scope of this topic so we will not highlight the pros and cons of fluoride in the drinking water today.

We are however, bringing attention to the use of laser assisted Endodontics as it relates to the progression of decay. As we were just stating, although the progression of tooth decay among American citizens continues to diminish. The fact is that tooth decay is still persistent, especially in the older population. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to this, from smoking to drinking and diseases such as gum disease (periodontal disease). The progressions of tooth decay can be countered by implementing proper laser treatment.

A laser dentist in your area can help you treat progressive tooth decay by implementing a treatment that includes multiple visits to continuously treat or help reverse the process. Our dental team in Las Vegas specializes in laser treatments and we regularly implement this for tooth decay and root canal procedures.

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Laser Dentistry for Kids and the Elderly

Children and teenagers don’t always fancy the dentist, as such they refrain from proper treatment. It’s why it’s important for parent to be informed as to what treatments are safe and comforting for their young. Laser dentistry is a method that can manage multiple procedures and produce a level of comfort that will make it more inviting for the young compared to conventional methods.

On the other hand, the elderly may sometimes have issues with tooth decay and receding gums, which can cause sensitivity. This level of sensitivity can increase pain and discomfort during the dental procedures. As such, laser dental allows for some of those treatments to become less painful and more attainable. We highly recommend that a laser dentist is taken into account when you’re taking care of children or the elderly. This will help mitigate any negative stigma about pain in dental treatment.