Case Study – Lengthening & Veneer Improvements

Case Study – Lengthening & Veneer Improvements

Teeth Lengthening & Veneers

Jessica came to us, she wanted to learn more about lengthening her teeth. She has always disliked the way her laterals or her side teeth were much smaller than her other teeth. We had a detailed, dental consultation with Jessica to help her understand the options and outcome. A combination of veneers and a little lengthening could provide the desired outcome.

She was self-conscious of smiling, even though she had a fantastic canvas to work with. With a few veneers, we were able to transform Jessica’s smile into exactly what she wanted… and right before her class reunion.


Jessica's Before Teeth Lengthening Veneers


Jessica's After Teeth Lengthening Veneers
Jessica's new teeth lengthening and veneers
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