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What is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder?

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TMJ Treatment

Why Let TMJ Pain or Disorder Rule Your Life?

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders (TMD) are more than mere annoyances. They can cause chronic pain, headaches and limit your jaw mobility. Joint pain can be caused by stresses on the jaw muscles, sometimes called “jaw joint pain”. It can be caused after the extraction of a wisdom tooth or implementation of a molar implant.

While relaxation techniques and muscle relaxants can help aide in some way, it is not a permanent solution. Your dentist can provide you with alternative options for temporomandibular disorders such as TMJ injections at your local dental office or your TMJ clinic.

If you have been dealing with chronic jaw pain caused by TMD, call our dental office immediately. Dr. Jeffrey Suffoletta is skilled in detecting and treating problems with TMJ and has extensive experience helping patients move past the pain safely and reliably.

Could You Be Suffering From TMJ?

The temporomandibular joints connect your jawbone to the bones in your skull. When these joint dysfunction, TMD can develop, causing chronic pain. Many people with TMJ never realize that their problems are symptoms of a larger condition. Some physical symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction can be detected by the following.

  • Jaw pain that radiates into the head, neck and/or shoulders.
  • Jaw clicking when speaking, yawning or eating.
  • Jaw “sticking”, especially when the mouth is opened wide.
  • Regular headaches, including migraines.
  • Jaw discomfort that is worse after sleeping.
TMJ Pain Treatment For Your Lifestyle

Advanced, Personalized TMD Treatments Based on Your Lifestyle

TMD can develop from a number of reasons, including heredity, teeth grinding or trauma, and should be addressed. Our practice offers customized TMD treatments based on your history, lifestyle and needs. After a thorough examination, Dr. Suffoletta may recommend:

  • Occlusal adjustment. This in-office treatment reduces the stress on your jaw by reshaping the surfaces of the teeth, to promote correct bite alignment.
  • Home remedies. Home-based exercises can help you lessen your TMJ symptoms.
  • Therapy. Sometimes, therapeutic approaches allow you to retrain your jaw bone.
  • Bruxism treatments. If you grind your teeth, you may find relief from TMJ pain with a dental appliance worn at night.
  • Skin fillers are a great way to easily and painlessly get immediate relief from temporomandibular disorder. Ask us how filler can help you.
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Always a warm welcome from a personable staff! Kara, the hygienist, is always professional friendly and thorough. The... office has taken every precaution, including temp check prior to entering, high level air filtration units and UV disinfection during the COVID pandemic. Dr Suffoletta does an exam following my 6 mo. prophys and always has a story or fun fact to share to make you laugh.read more
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I am extremely grateful I was recommended to Dr. Suffoletta, my whole experience was nothing short of amazing. The... moment you step into the office you feel nothing but positive energy from every member of the staff. The entire staff is extremely friendly with positive and calming vibes surrounding them. I came in with anxiety of dental visits but this all went away as soon as I sat down. The amount of effort and time spent in the initial visit is outstanding and their technology is impressive. Dr. Suffoletta is the only dentist I've ever met who genuinely cared and took his time with me, he treats you more like a caring friend rather than a patient. You can tell he genuinely takes his time in creating a custom plan for your needs and what is best for you. I never thought going to the dentist could be this enjoyable, I now look forward in continuing the plan created for me. Thank you Dr. Suffoletta for everything and for the atmosphere you've created with your amazing staff who are an extreme pleasure to interact with! I HIGHLY recommend coming here to anyone looking to receive the best dental care!read more
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Rich Wagner
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I'm a senior, recently relocated to Las Vegas. With decades of great dental service from where I came, I was extremely... pleased with my entire first visit at Dr. Suffoletta's office. I was pleasantly greeted at the door with a temperature check and safety questions. Then promptly accompanied to an exam room with no waiting. That in itself was a treat. My exam, using amazing technology, was the most thorough that I've ever experienced! My cleaning was thorough, informative and painless. The highlight was the private consultation with Dr. Suffoletta, who presented the most detailed observations and recommendations, supported by clear imagery and photography. I look forward to the forthcoming dental work that Dr. Suffoletta has recommended!read more
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If you're experiencing chronic jaw pain, there are multiple solutions for jaw pain treatment that you can get at our dental office. Our mission is to provide you with ease and comfort from TMJ disorder and the clenching or grinding that is associated with TMJ dysfunction. Call us today to set an appointment with our dentist for a consultation at 702-671-0001.


Chronic Jaw Pain Bringing You Down?

Contact our office today for a consultation to talk about your TMJ issues with our highly-trained and credential dentist. Don’t let jaw pain run or ruin your life, solutions are available. Dr. Suffoletta can consult you on both conventional methods and new methods now available thanks to technological advancements and reforms in dentistry.