Value Added in Long-Term Comprehensive Dental Care

Long-term relationships are built on trust.

Unfortunately, for many different reasons, people tend to have different oral maintenance habits. Some people are diligent and precise, they care about their smile and do whatever it takes to maintain optimal teeth health and dental appearance. Other individuals are overly relaxed about their dental health. This causes a delay in proper care and oral maintenance.

The person that tends to procrastinate about their oral health will undoubtedly be met with progressive dental problems. This can range from basic cavities, which in many cases are undetectable until you get a regular dental checkup.

In another examples it can present bigger long-term dental problems such as periodontal disease and what it can further develop. This type of person tends to wait until there is a problem, which compounds the treatment and thereby, the cost associated with it.

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Comprehensive Dental Treatment

They also neglect the value of comprehensive dental treatment, which tends to cause them to go from one dental practice to another dental practice over and over again in the same city. Some people wouldn’t even take their own car to multiple mechanics for each separate job, so why would you go to multiple dentists, where they all have to learn about the same dental problems one after the other?

On the other hand, you can become a diligent individual as it relates to your oral health and maintenance, which will help reduce long-term cost. Furthermore, you will benefit from the added value of comprehensive dental treatment. As well as a dentist that knows your dental history and knows what steps to take next to continue to improve your oral health.

Dr. Suffoletta 4.9 Star Review
Dr. Suffoletta 4.9 Star Review

Long-term Relationships Provides Long-Term Benefits

The fact is that some dental offices can provide more flexibility in their payment structure to patients that have developed a history with the dental practice. While most dental office aim to provide the best and most affordable and reasonable cost to their patients. The reality is, that to continue to provide services to their local community, a profit must be made and that is ok. No one goes into business to go into debt.

However, when you’ve been with a dental office for multiple years and the staff is very familiar with you and trust you. They may be there for you when you need assistance with a flexible payment plan. In many ways, that is value added in comprehensive treatment. Moreover, when you have a long-term relationship with your dentist, they are well aware of your history and the right procedures can be put in place to tackle the obstacles poor oral health can present. This is added value in comprehensive dental care.

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Trust in Dental Care

Comprehensive dental care requires trust between a patient and their dentist, as well as a long-term commitment to be consistent and diligent in their oral care. Your dentist will not go it alone on this journey. You must show them that you care about your oral health as much as they do. That you are willing to meet them along the way to a perfect smile and optimal oral health.

Your dentist will rely on and put their trust in your consistency to show up. You will most likely rely on and put your trust in their medical knowledge and ethics. It’s this combination that allows a relationship for both you and your dentist that is based on trust and confidence in each other.

In general, all dentists want to see your smile improve because of their skill and knowledge. 98% of the time you’ll be in good hands, all you have to do is be consistent and show up!

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Functional Aesthetic Dentistry has completed countless bone grafting procedures as part of our usual preparations for dental implants. Bone grafting is a necessary part of preparing the dry socket for a new permanent tooth. Bone Grafting also prevents dry socket and with membrane added, helps to rebuild the bone area so that it may better support a dental implant. Our patient's love us, and you will too!


Functional Aesthetic Dentistry is your One-Stop-Shop in Las Vegas for Comprehensive Dental Care

The team at Functional Aesthetic Dentistry takes pride in putting a majority of the team’s focus in long-term comprehensive dental care. We aim to teach all of our patients the value of long-term treatment and the value of consistency. We can take care of any immediate dental problem you may have but a one-time-visit is not our dental office’s goal.

Our goal is a long-term relationship with our patients in order to provide them with accurate and consistent progress. A patient living with gum disease can’t fix their problem with a one-time-visit. This is a recurring treatment that will most likely require the patient to come back to our dentist on a quarterly basis.

If you’re a Las Vegas resident and are looking for exceptional dental care that is consistent with long-term dental treatment, call our dental office at 702-671-0001. We are located on West Sahara Avenue, just off Fort Apache. Our team of professional dental specialist are waiting for your call.