SmileCon 2021 Las Vegas @ Mandaly Bay Resort & Casino

2021 Convention Event for Dental Professionals

A once in a year event that focuses on bringing together professionals and peers in the dental industry. This is one momentous gathering of like minds that enables professionals as well as up and coming licensed dentists to engage. Thereby, connecting and increasing your wealth of knowledge across multiple sectors of dentistry.

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Ready! Set! Smile!

SmileCon in Las Vegas, NV aims to help peers increase their skills by providing a lineup of courses. The SmileCon courses for 2021 aims to focus on the whole of the body instead of just your oral health. In a previous report, we noted how poor oral health could lead to other health problems, and SmileCon focuses on bringing this point to home base.

Since the pandemic, many changes have been made to the dental industry and many dentists across the United States have worked hard to meet CDC requirements. You can look forward to some of these points being highlighted, possibly in “The Business of Dentistry” courses.

There will be 4 Category of courses provided at Smilecon that all participating dentists can attend. The courses are as follows.

  • Art & Design
  • Science & Technology
  • The Business of Dentistry
  • The Common Good
Dr. Suffoletta 4.9 Star Review
Dr. Suffoletta 4.9 Star Review

Art & Design

SmileCon’s Art & Design courses are scheduled for Monday, on October the 11th. This program is focused on helping you discover the allure and creative face of dentistry. It will bring you into a world of dental art & design that provides ample opportunities for further exploration.

Science & Technology

The Science & Tech courses are scheduled for presentation on Tuesday on October the 12th with an aim to focus on the future of dentistry. On a recent survey conducted by the ADA, 36% of dentists surveyed said CAD/CAM will be transformative in their practice this year. Similarly, up to 40% of those surveyed said that imaging alone could help them improve their dental practice in ways they haven’t delved into yet. Even more so, “up to 50% of surveyed dentists agreed that 3D printing would improve their practice this year”, according to the American Dental Association.

The Business of Dentistry

Wednesday on October the 13th, SmileCon will highlight the benefits and growing concerns of the Business of Dentistry. With an emphasis on expanding your knowledge on finance, management and industry trends, you’re sure to be fully updated on many of the latest changes and advancements in management & operations.

The Common Good

The Common Good courses will be available throughout the SmileCon event and will be highlighting what we can do for our health as well as others. Highly focused on the capabilities of the industry to provide oral health & wellness for patients across the U.S. and abroad. These are all around courses focused on bringing proper dental treatment to as many patients as possible.

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Meet & Learn from some the Best in Dentistry

There are ample opportunities to learn and engage with some of the attendants and presenters. SmileCon will host some of the following.

  • Industry’s sought-after trailblazers
  • Featured Speakers
  • Women in Dentistry
  • Pre-SmileCon Ed Courses

Some of the speakers you can look forward to are listed below.

  • Brooke M.O. Fukuoka, DMD, FSCD
  • Mitchell Goodis, DDS
  • Daniel Kraft, MD
  • Anne L. Koch, DMD
  • Rico Short DMD
  • Jose-Luis Ruiz DDS

You can register today to SmileCon.