Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening at the Dentist

Oral Cancer Affects over 53K Americans & Takes Over 10K American Lives Each Year

Oral Cancer is a deadly killer. According to the American Cancer Society there are an estimated 53,260 people diagnosed with this deadly disease. From that, a rough estimate of about 10,750 American won’t survive. If you’re over the age of 62, you are more prone to this illness, while a little over 25% of oral cancer patients are below the age of 55. Dr. Suffoletta can help you prevent this from becoming a larger problem by catching it early with oral cancer screening.

What is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is an abnormal cell growth, where the cancer cells causes extreme damage to the surrounding tissues around the mouth. This includes the gums, the tongue, the throat, lower and top areas of the mouth, the lips, the tonsils and even around the neck, the head and the lining inside the cheeks. While medical science has jumped leaps and bounds as it relates to oral cancer, it continues to destroy live across the world.

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System

What Are Some of the Signs of Oral Cancer?

  • If you notice any bumps, lumps or swelling and thickness.
  • If you develop areas in the mouth with velvety white or red speckles.
  • Some bleeding in the mouth that you can’t explain.
  • If you notice loss of feeling or numbness. Additionally, if your mouth of neck have any tenderness.
  • If you notice any sores on the neck or face.
  • If it becomes harder to chew or swallow.
  • If you have chronic sour throat or hoarseness.
  • Any other irregularities in the mouth, neck or head that you’re not used to, get a checkup.
  • If you are noticing pain in the ear.
  • If you’re beginning to notice dramatic weight loss.

We cannot stress the importance of early detection and regular screening during your dental checkups. It is commonly recommended for you to have 2 dental checkups per year. Dr. Suffoletta makes the best out of the time he has during your dental visit. You will not leave our practice without your Velscope oral cancer screening.

Signs of Oral Cancer?

If you notice any signs of oral cancer, contact us today to begin your screening and and to put you on a track to better health!