New Research May Shed Light on New Treatments for Periodontal Disease

Knowing and better understanding how our cells and proteins interact with different species of bacterium is essential for your health as a patient.

If you’re as young and agile as someone in their teens and 20’s, you may not have too much of a problem with gum disease or severe periodontal disease. However, as you get older, some of you may end up on either side of the statistical spectrum of potential candidate for gum disease.

As a young wiper snapper, you may not have all the details associated with the progression of gum disease. Naturally, you may wonder about a couple of questions.

  1. What exactly is gum disease?
  2. What are the potential symptoms?

Luckily, we have provided you with a video and further documentation on the links above. Please take time to read and watch the short video. We hope this leads you to a better understanding of the consequences of not keeping periodontal disease at bay.

What is Gum Disease?

A short brief synopsis on the progressive disease known as gum disease follows. Gum disease is a progressive perio problem that once it begins, it takes time to treat it. In some cases, treatment can become a permanent lifestyle. With that being said, gum disease does not happen overnight. It takes lack of personal care for you to get to this point.
Periodontal disease progresses over time when you don’t clean your teeth, floss and visit your dentist for bi-annual dental checkups. These checkups are not just for viewing purposes, you should get your teeth cleaned to remove any plaque that has developed over that period. All the while, getting the proper examination to make sure that cavities or other issues don’t exist.

Treatment Solutions for Gum Disease: Laser Dentistry

In most cases, a normal patient may only need to visit the dentist 2 times per year. This is recommended for regular bi-annual checkups and teeth cleaning. However, once serious gum disease has seeped into your gum tissues, you may need to get checkups on a quarterly basis. Gum disease treatment requires frequent visits to the dentist to make sure that its progression is being eroded; and that some healing is on the way.

As a quarterly patient you can expect to get to know your dental team at least 4 times per year. You guys are going to become best of friends. You might even crown yourself a personal ambassador for their dental practice once they help treat your dental problems.

Dr. Suffoletta 4.9 Star Review
Dr. Suffoletta 4.9 Star Review

Recent Research and Study Helps Us Better Understand Gum Disease

The explanation on this next piece of research may get a little technical. We will try to break it down for you some, in order to help you better understand this research. Follow us on this next segment. First thing to keep in mind are a few things.

  • Our human bodies have a family of proteins called the “Interferon Lambdas”.
  • The “Interferon Lambdas” are produced by cells in the mouth, known as “Epithelial Cells”.
  • The “Interferon Lambdas” serves to protect us as humans from viral infections.
  • However, there is an oral bacterium that works against this known as “Porphyromonas Gingivalis”.
  • Porphyromonas Gingivalis” helps to reduce and suppress the important functions provided by the “Epithelial Cells”. Mainly, suppressing the proper production of the family of proteins.
  • This reduction in production and effectiveness of the “Interferon Lambdas” family of proteins, is a contributing factor in the progression of periodontal disease on individuals over the age of 30.

Now that we’ve broken down the technical portions of it, we hope we made this a little easier to understand. P. gingivalis is the pathogenic bacterium that is known to cause periodontal disease. You can learn more about this research here.

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Knowledge and Better Understanding

Knowing and better understanding how our cells and proteins interact with different species of bacterium is essential for your health as a patient. New treatment methods should be explored to better target the problem and increase treatment efficiency.

As a local Las Vegas dental practice, located off the corner of Fort Apache and West Sahara, we provide gum disease treatment with your comfort in mind. Our Laser treatment methods is one technique and tool in our dental arsenal. We focus on targeted treatment with little to no discomfort for our patients. If you’re having trouble with periodontal disease, with red or swollen gums, give us a call at 702-671-0001 for a comprehensive treatment and peace of mind.

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