Primeprint 3D Printing at Your Local Dentist

Functional Aesthetic Dentistry and Dr. Suffoletta bring the future of dentistry to Summerlin Las Vegas

In modern dentistry, technological advancements are essential. It not only improves quality and efficiency, but the overall patient experience can be drastically enhanced. To this effort, some dentists tend to do their best to go above and beyond for their patient. As a result, their patient’s personal experience during their dental visit tends to be exceptional. This should include assessing the latest medical technologies, such as Primeprint 3D printing for quality and efficiency in results.

The truth is that medical advancements tend to come with an initial high up-front cost. This could stop some dental professionals from making the proper investment into their patients and their future. However, in the end, the mindset and quality of results should be supported by one simple statement, “Function and Aesthetics Matter!”

Today, 3D printing at your local dentist has itself been enhanced and made more strategically available to dentist all across the country. The new Primeprint is a highly advanced medical grade printer. Primeprint can be used to create anything from digital dentures to complete digital smile makeovers. However, are all dentist taking advantage of available medical advancement?

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Dr. Suffoletta 4.9 Star Review
Dr. Suffoletta 4.9 Star Review

Are You Working with the Right Dentists for you?

If the past and present are any indication of the future, then the answer to the question above is no. Not all dental offices are created equal. Moreover, not all dental offices focus on implementing modern technology that can further enhance their patient’s experience.

“Many of our patient’s personal experiences told to us, is that not everyone provides what our practice provides. Some have never heard of some of the tools we apply in many of our dental procedures. In my visit to some dental offices, I noticed that tools & procedures which have been around for well over a decade have yet to be applied, such as lasers suited for Endodontics with laser assisted dentistry.“

At Functional Aesthetic Dentistry we have a motto, “Functional and Aesthetics Matter!” This would not be possible without the amazing tools used at Dr. Suffoletta’s dental office. As well as the amazing engineers that took the time to develop medical tools that advances an individual’s health.

What is Primeprint?

Primeprint is a two-container system that develops the 3D printed design, with a secondary system to handle 2 washing cycles, air blowing, followed by light curing. The Primeprint system can create anything from a digital denture to a full smile makeover. The concept of the system is focused around simplicity and user-friendliness, which should quickly translate to efficiency within a dental practice and improvements in quality of results.

With Primeprint, going to digital dentures is a walk in the park, and a full smile makeover is just one visit away. One major benefit of advancements in different sectors of the medical field, such as dentistry, is the “same day treatment” model.

Since the CEREC Primescan was developed, there were talks of a new 3D printer development that will change the future of dentistry. It is now here and maintaining the same day treatment lifestyle could not be any easier today without Primeprint at your local dentist. If you lead an overwhelming busy life, you are probably one that will benefit from this added service.

We previously talked about how 3D printers would change the dentals industry and how the benefits of 3D printing will revolutionize the way dentists operate.

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The Moral of the Story

We could go on and on about the many benefits of this medical advancement and for some of you who like techno talk, it may be fun. However, for the rest of us, the long story short is that quality and flexibility is important to our lifestyles. Finding a local dentist that can accommodate that shouldn’t be a hard find.

In the Las Vegas and Summerlin area, our dental practice focuses on same day dental treatments and little to no pain and discomfort. Our mission is your overall experience and the long-term quality of our work. To this end, we focus on learning and implementing the latest dental technologies available on the market.

If you’re in the Las Vegas or Summerlin area and would like to meet with Dr. Suffoletta for a consultation and examination, call us at 702-671-0001 to speak to one of our representatives about your dental needs.